Employment Law


Employment Law is perhaps the most dynamic area of legal practice. It is also a very complex area of law for both employers and employees. At JHS LAW we will guide you through all aspects of your rights and responsibilities in this area.

Whether you are running a business or at risk of losing your job this can be very stressful. We are able to offer clear, concise and practical advice to clients facing these difficult situations.

It is essential that all employers have in place adequate and accurate policies in relation to all areas of Employment Law affecting their staff. We can assist in preparing contracts of employment and all policy documentation relating to disciplinary and grievance procedures, maternity and parental leave entitlements, holiday rights and more – all of which you will need to protect your interests. We can also provide detailed practical advice on how to deal with grievance and disciplinary issues in the workplace so as to minimise your exposure to Employment Tribunal proceedings being brought against you. In the event that you do ultimately face such claims, then we can offer experienced representation before the Employment Tribunal and the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

For our employee clients, an awareness of your rights and the strict time limits within which they can be exercised is absolutely critical. At JHS LAW we can offer advice and representation to allow you to protect your position at work and to secure the compensation you are entitled to.

Legal Aid may be available to you subject to your financial circumstances.

We can deal with all types of potential Employment Law claims. The most common claims which arise include: