Collaborating in D&G

Dumfries and Galloway now has a team of local professionals trained to resolve family law disputes in a discreet and dignified way outwith the courtroom. These Collaborative Practitioners are members of Consensus Collaboration Scotland, a national network of collaborative professionals linked to a worldwide organisation, the International Academy of Collaborative Practitioners. While it is a lawyer’s obligation to set out a client’s options for resolving family disputes, and court may be the best way forward in certain circumstances, couples and families do have other options. Mediation or solicitor negotiations may be suitable in particular circumstances, but Collaborative Practice offers a non-confrontational approach to clients who want to agree the legal and practical arrangements for their own unique family situation outside of court.

Why choose Collaborative Process?
● Avoid protracted court proceedings;
● Take control of outcomes for your family;
● Protect the wellbeing and needs of your children;
● Preserve your privacy and dignity;
● Minimise emotional damage;
● Receive the support and information you need from your specially trained team of Collaborative professionals.

How does it work?
The Collaborative approach involves open and respectful discussions over a series of meetings involving clients and their respective Collaborative Lawyers and, where necessary, Family Consultants and Independent Financial Advisors. Each meeting is carefully planned in advance by the lawyers who identify the issues which need to be discussed. Both lawyers work together with the couple to help them reach agreement in an atmosphere of support and understanding.

Every case is, of course, different and some may be more challenging than others but the Collaborative Process is designed to assist and support families in reaching bespoke agreements that work for them. Once matters are agreed then a legal agreement is signed and a divorce arranged if needed.

Despite the immediate pain of a separation or family dispute, the Collaborative Process offers a way to safeguard the long-term wellbeing of a family.

Collaborative Practice has been well established in Scotland for over a decade, but residents in Dumfries and Galloway are now able to access these services conveniently within the region. Any member of our local team of specially trained Collaborative Practitioners is ready to assist …

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